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Power Sports Honda / New Service Honda 3rd generation Digital Ignition with lighting coil..


New Service Honda 3rd generation Digital Ignition with lighting coil..

The third generation CR500 Digital Ignition improves starting ease allowing some to eliminate the double kick the original systems sometimes required. The CDI and rotor on Generation 3 is NOT compatible with the first or second generation! Fully tested comes with Ignition Box(CDI), New Rotor, and New stator.

The Service Honda digital ignition represents a huge leap forward for the 2 stroke Honda CR500 engine family. This ignition completely transforms the bike. The transformation is apparent as soon as you start the bike, turn the choke off and let the bike idle while you put your gear on… the bike will not stall,rather it idles steadily, that is just the beginning of the improvements.

Once your gear is on and you are riding the bike the next thing you notice is the improved throttle response and big increase in low end power. The improved low end power make the bike even more of a joy to ride, this bike just does not stall. The low rpm power makes for smoother overall power delivery and faster lap times on a moto track. The low end power increase comes with an increase in top end too making for very smooth power delivery.

Off road riding is improved even more with the digital ignition. Throttle

response on long technical down hills remains consistent through out the decent with the new system, a quick twist of the throttle produces instant power to easily clear an obstacle (no loading up). The engine flexibility in the most technical sections is almost magical, no stalling no overheating. When the trail opens up the power is urgent and immediate just like you would expect.

The digital system uses 26 points of change in the map with a new point every 300 rpm compared to the old analog system that used only a few.

Below 3000 RPM the system uses a triple spark, the reason the low end is so much better.

The vast increase in the number of maps results in much smoother power delivery. The smooth power really improves traction vastly, even on a hard slick surface resulting in faster times and less rider fatigue. The power is so much smoother you can be fooled into thinking the new system makes less power, this is not the case the digital system actually makes a bit more power than the old analog system.

The Digital Ignition also comes with a high power light coil that puts out 130 watts with a flat output curve that means even at idle there is plenty of power for powering lights and accessories. And the whole system fits inside the stock ignition cover so it does not interfere with your ability to shift the bike, an important detail for anyone who wears a size 8 boot or larger.

The digital ignition is must have.

A startling improvement in engine power, throttle response and power

controllability for any application.

Rotor and stator fit inside stock ignition cover.

Dramatically improved idle.

Reduced stalling.

Much more consistent throttle response.

Less expensive replacement for a damaged stock ignition system.

Produces greater power that is also smoother, resulting in less tire spin and more acceleration.

Digital CDI is mapped at a lower RPM for easier starting.

Digital CDI allows a huge increase in ignition mapping accuracy.

Digital CDI and hi power stator improve throttle response, low RPM torque

and overall engine power while smoothing power delivery.

Digital CDI ha a triple spark for greatly improved idle and cleaner running at lower RPM.

Rare earth magnet flywheel produces strong electrical power and allows

system to fit inside stock ignition cover.

Hi power stator increases spark energy for cleaner running.

Hi power stator produces 130 watts of lighting output at 5000 rpm and 110 watts just above idle at 3000 rpm.

What Customers Say

“I have to say that the digital ignition was a vast improvement over the stock setup. It transforms the stock power delivery into a very tractable and predictable power band that really makes exiting out of corners or hitting that quick jump effortless! The beauty of it all is that you really don’t have to down shift the bike very much……it just pulls seamlessly and without any protest. Starting the bike is routine and predictable and in my opinion, it is a must have for any CR500 rider.
No more warm up stalling, no more loading up in trails. The double kick


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