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Power Sports Honda / CR Honda CR500 1989 Motorcross Bike EVO MX

CR Honda CR500 1989 Motorcross Bike EVO MX


Condition: Used

Year: 1989

Model: CR

Vehicle Type: Motorcross (off-road)

Colour: Red

Manufacturer: Honda

Start Type: Kick start

Engine Size: 500

Capacity (cc): 375 to 524 cc

Transmission: Manual

Fuel: Petrol  D

Drive Type: Chain



1989 Honda CR500

Bike is registered on the NOVA database. It’s been sat ever since. It still fires up with a few kicks and can be seen running. The frame has been powder coated but this has made it hard to see the frame numbers which is why there is sanding around them. The engine looks clean and make no nasty noises when running. The seat cover and plastics look nearly new except for the fuel tank. It has a DEP expansion pipe on with some scraping on it but no dints. The aluminium forks look like some bits have flaked off  – and the radiators are slightly bent but don’t leak. Overall, the bike is in good condition for a 30 years old bike and it would not take to much to make it mint.

Any questions, or if you would like to come and have a look at the bike, please ask.


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