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Power Sports Honda / 2020 HONDA TRX250X
ATV 15

2020 HONDA TRX250X


  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2020
  • Make: Honda
  • Model: TRX250X
  • Category: Sport
  • Type:  ATV Four Wheeler
  • Primary Color: Metallic Blue
  • Engine Size: 229 cc
  • Engine Type: OHV longitudinally-mounted single-cylinder, four-stroke



  • EXCLUSIVE HONDA SPORTCLUTCH: The handlebar-mounted Honda SportClutch enables the rider to experience manual clutch actuation with the advantage of no stalling when coming to a stop. This revolutionary feature allows beginning or novice riders to learn clutch engagement points, while experienced riders enjoy the full performance of a conventional manual clutch.
  • KEYED IGNITION: A keyed ignition switch provides added security. The switch also lets you control who goes riding and when.
  • ELECTRIC STARTER: The effortless electric starter makes getting the engine started easy, even when the engine is cold.
  • REVERSE: The TRX250X’s easy to use reverse makes unloading or maneuvering out of tight trail conditions easier.
  • RUGGED, RELIABLE 229 CC OHV ENGINE: The TRX250X’s lightweight OHV air-cooled 229cc engine is longitudinally mounted, allowing direct driveshaft alignment to rear wheels for more efficient power transfer. The two-valve cylinder head design features performance-optimized valve timing, a 31.5mm-diameter intake valve and a 27mm-diameter exhaust valve contribute to the engine’s broad, usable powerband.
  • INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION: Independent double-wishbone front suspension provides an exceptional 5.9 inches of travel and a smooth ride over rough terrain.
  • SHAFT FINAL DRIVE: Honda’s fully sealed rear driveshaft is super-strong and virtually maintenance free. The driveshaft sits in-line with the engine’s crankshaft for maximum driveline efficiency.
  • RUBBER-MOUNTED ENGINE: A rubber-mounted engine reduces vibration. This helps make parts last longer, and cuts down on rider fatigue as well.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM WHEELS: Lightweight aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight for superior handling.


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